The mis-declaration or deliberate concealment of Dangerous goods can produce unpredictable serious consequences, endanger the safety of life and property, resulting in huge economic losses, and even effect the operation of whole supply chain.

Unauthorized changes in the container structure may cause damage to the container, increasing security risks and affecting the subsequent use of containers and cargo safety inside the containers.

In order to enhance the equipment management and the Dangerous Goods operation, COSCO SHIPPING Lines will collect the liquidated damages on customer’s following actions and will claim the shipper for all losses and expenses incurred.

Change the container’s structure without authorization: USD2, 000 per unit;

Dangerous goods concealed or mis-declaration of the cargo nature: USD10, 000 per unit;

The relevant terms have been added to our transport contract and booking agreement. We hope all customers can comply with relevant agreements for harmonious and safe shipping.

Source: COSCO