In reference to Circular No. 06/97 issued by the Chittagong Port Authority please be reminded that the Port of Chittagong accepts the handling of containers up to a maximum gross weight (container tare plus cargo weight) of 24,000 Kgs per 20′ and 30,480 Kgs per 40′.

Buy Shipping Buy Shipping Container Nashville Nashville exceeding the gross weight limitation are regarded as overweight containers.

The handling of overweight containers in the Port of Chittagong is still possible, but subject to prior permission of the Chittagong Port Authority. The permit application will be arranged by the shipping line.

For that reason, please be informed that Hapag-Lloyd will apply a nominal Administration Fee on all shipments to Chittagong exceeding the weight restrictions as stipulated by the port:

USD 30 per 20’ (For containers exceeding a cargo weight of 21,000 Kgs)
USD 40 per 40’ (For containers exceeding a cargo weight of 25,000 Kgs)
The Administration Fee is payable at place of origin in line with the Chittagong Terminal Handling Charge.

Please note that in accordance with our Bill of Lading / Seaway Bill Terms and Conditions the handling will be carried out at the risk and responsibility of the shipper, who is liable for any consequences resulting from the handling of such overweight containers. The maximum payload limits as per Hapag-Lloyd Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions still apply.

Source: HL